Every purchaser of Information and https://www.whatidea1.com/ Communication Technology (ICT) products and services is entitled to a few basic rights, irrespective of their reputation inside the society. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the purchaser to call for these rights from their respective provider carriers. The mandate of the Commission is to ensure that purchasers are made aware of these rights as they purchase and make use of ICT products and services.

Consumers have the subsequent rights;

1.1 The Right to Be Informed

Consumers have the proper to get admission to obvious and updated facts about merchandise, services and the phrases and situations of available or proposed services and products.

This right impels carrier vendors to factually tell consumers approximately such issues as;

Services and products presented,
Their best,
Installation and assist,
Prices and tariff structures,
The length of contracts,
Contract renewal/termination terms and situations,
Complaints dealing with tactics.
1.2 The Right to Choose

Consumers want to be furnished get entry to to a spread of products and services at aggressive expenses. This is so that alternatives of which product to buy and which not to will exist for the client to assess and determine.

1. Three The Right to Be Heard

It is incumbent upon all carrier providers to provide severa possibilities and channels for clients to specific their critiques, court cases and guidelines toward the development of service delivery.

1.4 The Right to Safety

Consumers have a right to be blanketed in opposition to merchandise, gadget and production processes which can be dangerous to health or dangerous to the lifestyles of present and destiny generations. This is aimed toward protective consumers in opposition to sub-popular/defective products and services.

1.5 The Right to bitch and redress:

Consumers have a right to receive honest agreement on just claims, on issues of misrepresentation, provider failure or interruption and unsatisfactory offerings. Service companies are obliged to set up and submit tactics for coping with complaints. Such techniques should be simple, transparent, and free to customers. They ought to additionally allow for a truthful and fast resolution of consumer proceedings.

1.6 Right to privacy

Consumer privacy entails the proper coping with and protection of sensitive personal information that people offer in their dealings with provider vendors. Consumers have a proper to non-public privacy with out a unauthorized get admission to to their conversations and private statistics. Operators and service companies ought to shield customers’ privacy via a mixture of suitable control, protection and transparent mechanisms regarding the collection and use of their personal statistics.

1.7 Right to exceptional offerings

Consumers have the right to get hold of high great and dependable provider. They are entitled to offerings that guarantee a minimum stage of performance to make certain dependable communications and, especially, get right of entry to to effective emergency services. Furthermore, all communications system and services should be secure, introduced and repaired in a timely way.

2. Consumer Responsibilities
Equally essential to consumer rights, are purchaser responsibilities. Consumer obligations are nice moves, attitudes and behaviours that need to be practiced even as accessing and the usage of telecommunications products and services, to ensure sensitivity to individuals, corporations, government and the physical environment is upheld.

ICT customers ought to take obligation for;

2.1 Proper use of products and services;

Using communications structures and offerings in the ideal way, with out abusing them.

2.2 Prompt price of payments

Consumers have an obligation to pay for all products and services obtained as required.

2.3 Awareness;

Consumers ought to are seeking for to familiarize themselves with and honour client responsibilities beneath any contract entered into with a product or service provider. This additionally consists of familiarizing themselves with and abiding by way of any protection or safety necessities concerning using communications structures and offerings.

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