September 22, 2021 5:11 pm

Tiffany got moving the week as HOH anyway that continued going a whole day

The new Power of Veto spoilers for Big Brother 23 are in and we have the results setting us up for the last noms the week. With three Noms in the mix this week and  big brother spoiler High Rollers wind upsetting the HOH there was a great deal to watch and see here. Scrutinize on during the current week’s PoV spoilers!

Tiffany got moving the week as HOH anyway that continued going a whole day before she lost her seat to the High Roller’s curve that procured another obscure HOH to name new noms. Well things didn’t move far for Tiffany because of Claire pulling off that Coin of Destiny win. Claire then left Sarah, the current week’s level headed, in her spot on the Block close by her closest accomplice, Kyland. So they were both helping out Xavier who was the third competitor due to last week’s Veto comp discipline.

More seasoned kin 23 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results:

Tiffany didn’t have a guaranteed spot in this comp since she lost her HOH and she didn’t get picked to play this week. So taking everything into account we saw Claire, Alyssa, and Hannah decided to partake in the comp.

So that should more likely than not be the completion of Sarah’s down as I expect the noms will remain as they right presently stand. Hannah could save Xavier with no worries of a renom since he was the prize third competitor and a short time later everyone will eliminate Sarah with her one potential supporting resident sitting near her on the Block for Thursday night.

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DX might not want to show his hand too early so he selected two pawns to advance the guard that he was staying devoted to the Royal Flush alliance. Approach, Sarah and Britini.


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