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What should I do if internet speed is slow when the device is connected to the Mercusys router?

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gradual pace hassle whilst the laptops or mobile phones are related to the router. In the actual surroundings, many factors will have an effect on network velocity, this coaching will help you troubleshoot and enhance it.

In order to take away ISP hardware Line or a few devices’ own trouble, so we upload a few evaluation exams earlier than the troubleshooting. Each step is essential, so please finish them one by one.

End-device means pc, pc, and many others. Front-device(s) method your modem or wall jacket and so forth. Which the Mercusys router is connected to.


Notes: please make certain your quit-tool (normally a stressed out computer) can get the full bandwidth pace supplied by using your ISP from the front-device (generally could be your modem) first. If your stop-tool (commonly a stressed out laptop) cannot even get the ordinary velocity out of your the front-end tool, any troubleshooting done on Mercusys router will no longer help you in any respect.



Please do the subsequent steps:

Step 1. Simplify network topology through connecting one quit-device to the Mercusys router via cable, then check your down load velocity via Speedtest App (endorsed) or www.Speedtest.Net without doing any high bandwidth behaviors. Save screenshots of the consequences is usually recommended.

If the speedtest end result is identical because the bandwidth provided via ISP, it shows Mercusys router is giving out correct speed.

Step 2. Change distinct cables among your modem and Mercusys router and between your Mercusys router and the wired consumer.

If your bandwidth speed is much better than 100Mbps out of your ISP, however, the link velocity of Ethernet ports on Mercusys router is simplest or decrease than 100Mbps, please affirm:

1). Specifications of Mercusys router and network adapters on your PC

To assist extra than 100Mbps bandwidth velocity, Mercusys router must have a 1000Mbps WAN port, and the network adapter of PC must support Gigabit speed as nicely.

2). Cables linked to Mercusys router

If both network adapter and modem are Gigabit, however the end result of link velocity is 100mbps, please change another Ethernet cable. It is recommended to use CAT 6 cable.

If your bandwidth velocity is plenty higher than 100Mbps out of your ISP and the hyperlink speed of Ethernet ports on Mercusys router can be up to 1Gbps, please touch Mercusys support the usage of the following data.

1). The bandwidth supplied with the aid of ISP;

2). The Speed test end result by using connecting PC directly to front-device;

3). Brand call and machine version of client gadgets;

4). The model variety or logo call of community adapters on your PC;

five). The Speed take a look at end result and hyperlink speed of Mercusys router.



Please do the following steps:

Step 1. Clear the wi-fi surroundings while going for walks velocity check for your wireless gadgets.

Make positive that there is no boundaries between router and wi-fi device walking speed take a look at, and the exceptional location is two-3 meters from the router.

Step 2. Change wireless channel and channel width on Mercusys router.


Note: please alternate the channel width of two.4G to 40MHz and channel width of 5G to 80MHz. As for the channel, it is advised on the way to use 1 or 6 or eleven for 2.4G and use any of 36 or 40 or 44 or 48 for 5G.

Step 3. Simplify network topology with the aid of connecting one give up-tool to the Mercusys router thru wi-fi, then test your down load speed via Speedtest App (advocated) or www.Speedtest.Internet without doing any high bandwidth behaviors. Save screenshots of the effects is usually recommended.

Attention: If end-devices assist 5GHz, please check 5G wi-fi first. And the speed take a look at end result would be extra accurate.

Step 4. If the wireless down load velocity is a great deal decrease than the bandwidth speed furnished with the aid of ISP, please check the wireless link pace for your consumer devices.

Step 5. Judge whether or not modern-day down load pace is correct based on its wireless hyperlink speed. According to the working capabilities on Wi-Fi, generally down load velocity of 5G would be round 50% of wi-fi link pace and download velocity of 2.4G might be round 30% – 50% of wireless link speed. More wireless devices you have, decrease transmission charge you’ll have.

Step 6. Contact Mercusys assist with the subsequent data in case you suppose your download speed is an awful lot lower than 50% of wi-fi link velocity or your wi-fi hyperlink pace is a good deal decrease than it have to be.

1). The bandwidth provided through ISP;

2). The Speed test results by connecting PC directly to front-device and Mercusys router through a cable;

three). Brand name and system model of patron devices;

four). The version range or emblem call of network adapters in your PC;

5). The Speed test end result and link pace of Mercusys router.


Get to realize more information of every feature and configuration please visit Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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